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Congratulations you’re getting married!!!

Ok, you’ve got a lot of work to do, and of course, never enough time to do it all!

Well, let us help with one of your chores, how to keep your guests entertained during that dreaded after dinner lull that exists at all weddings. You know the part, when the meal is over and all your guests disappear…to their bedrooms, go for a walk around the grounds or simply get missing… And you and yours truly are left in a half empty room trying to get everyone back for the most important part of your big day.

Here is the perfect solution to that fearful lull after the meal and before the dancing starts.

Give your guests an after dinner show, that will have everyone laughing off those dinner belly’s and turn your special day into the best wedding they were ever at, with the Award Winning Dave Young and his Wedding comedian show!

Make your wedding truly memorable, original and a fantastic day!


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I've been to many weddings where they have had wedding comedians and the majority of them just die on the stage and there is nothing worse!
So, there is only one guy I know that's able to deliver time and time again... that's Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian!

Franc - Weddings by Franc (Wedding Event Designer)

Dave Young was excellent. I booked him to make my wife happy, but I ended up loving him more (lol), He's fantastic at getting the audience involved and if I'm ever getting married again he will be the first one I book!

Sean O Reilly (Groom)

Superb, superb, superb!
The Wedding Comedian was one of the first things booked for our wedding (you need to get in fast when booking this guy) and he delivered an blinding performance for our reception! No one was safe, he had all the goods on us and went to town on our past 'secrets'. We're still laughing!!!!

Book this man... now!

John & Rita Crawford (Bride & Groom)

The man's a genius!

140 guests (including about 50 folk I never knew nor met before), all sandwiched into a huge reception room and all looking at each other with nervous smiles! Then Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian entered the room and all hell broke lose fun wise!

Within an hour, everybody was part of his mesmerising show and eating out of his comedic hands! When we finally let Dave leave the stage everybody in the room knew each other and all were united in laughter!

His ability to take any situation and turn it into comic gold is astounding! He is able to find the humour in every little nuance of both families and channel all the little stories into side splitting routines.

Book him now... you will not be disappointed!

Geraldine & David Wallis


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