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From as early as I can remember, I was baking. I loved to try new recipes; taste new flavours and combine unusual ingredients. It was with my Mum, Ada and Granny, Ivy, where my love of baking and all things sweet began. Through the years, recipes with added notes on stained and faded hand written recipe books were handed down, with newspaper clippings from the 60’s. I got to experience such teachings and memories on a daily basis and I am indebted to my Granny and Mum for these.

Even though I graduated with a degree in Physiology and taught Science for almost 10 years. It was while travelling the southern Hemisphere, I felt the urge to return and enroll in Darina Allen’s 12 week diploma course at Ballymaloe Cookery School, Co. Cork.

In 2008, as a Ballymaloe graduate, I began my new career as a pastry chef. I moved to London and worked in the highly prestigious restaurant, Clarkes of Kensington. I could see having studied science, it was the technicalities of dessert, pastry and cake making that promoted this move but the creative edge only blossomed later. In 2011, I completed a Masters in Sugarcraft, Royal Icing and Sugar Flowers in Squires Kitchen and Cakes4Fun, London. I also trained with UK’s top cake designer, Peggy Porschen before setting up my own cake design business in 2013. The cakes proved to be a huge hit, and it wasn’t long before the business grew.

Since founding The Wedding Cake Boutique, I have designed an exclusive wedding cake ‘16/’17 range for Donnybrook Fair which consists of 6 contemporary designs. I have also designed a range of seasonal and occasion cakes for The Butlers Pantry. Both cake ranges are available throughout the year and orders can be made in their food halls and shops.

The Wedding Cake Boutique is also a recommended supplier to some of the country’s most prestigious wedding venues, including The Shelbourne, Powerscourt House, Ashford Castle and Clonwilliam House.

It has been an exciting journey so far, I’m looking forward to what is coming next!

Thank you, Caroline

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The cake was just beautiful to look at and even more so to taste! I am getting all these photos from my friends of them fake cutting my cake throughout the day – I am surprised it was still standing with all the attention it got! We had the cake cutting afterward the dinner and served it up which was devoured and we also put some in cake boxes for people to take home with them. We then used the rest of it for the 2nd day in the anglers and we kept finding clumps of the biscuit cake on the Monday much to my delight. I am glad we did that one as the biggest base as it is my favourite – and I don’t have a white dress to fit into anymore! It was the cake that just kept giving.

Charlotte & David April 2 2017

Caroline is an absolute genius when it comes to cakes. My husband and I came to a very amicable agreement – I would choose the design and he would decide on flavours. It worked well as I haven’t got a sweet tooth and he hasn’t a clue on designing! When I first met Caroline she was professional and so prepared. She instantly got a clear idea of what colours and design I was looking for and the cake tasting was good enough to do twice! All the guests loved the 3 flavours we selected and I was still munching on it a week after the wedding. We want to say a huge thank you to Caroline, she helped to make our day memorable and I am going to happily recommend her in the future. Thanks Caroline!

Marina & Bjorn March 19 2017

What can I say about Caroline and her cakes. I really cannot emphasise how much I would recommend Caroline. Caroline was professional, welcoming and extremely accommodating with fitting our cake in for our big day. When we met her for cake tasting she was extremely friendly and we all had a great laugh together. Payment was simple to organise and sort out, as was delivery of our cake and her execution of what we asked from her.
Now on to the actual cake. My good gosh! Neither of us had ever tasted cake so good, and I don’t say that lightly at all. Every bite of the tasters were amazing, so much that as the day drew closer we worried that we had amped it up too much for ourselves, or that the full sized cake wouldn’t be as strong in flavour.
Well it was, in fact we thought it was even more flavourful than the tasters! Everyone who had the cake LOVED it. Even people I work with who had some on Monday, they devoured it. Again, I really cannot emphasise how much I would recommend Caroline, from the first emails to the day. I would do it all again just to get another cake from her, and I’m sure we will be back to order something at some point.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Caroline. If there was a higher rating you would get it.

Emma March 9 2017

Both in taste and appearance, it completely exceeded our admittedly high expectations. The height of your tiers really made the cake look elegant. The lines were so good and straight. Then we cut into it and it was so soft and fresh – it really defied belief that it was so soft and fresh but you were able to keep the lines so straight. The flavours were really delicious, and everyone at the wedding was really impressed. We heard nothing but really positive comments about the cake. And we were both so thrilled with how it looked. You nailed the design and it looked exactly how we wanted it to look. We are just finishing up the last of the chocolate biscuit cake – and I am so sad that there is no more of the maple pecan!

Niall & Erica Feb 2 2017

I have to say we got such a shock when we seen the cake on our wedding day. It was spectacular! I had a sneaky swipe of cream before the guests arrived. The comments about the cake were plenty they thought it amazing. Particularly my now parents in law who did not see the point in buying such a cake. This cake changed their minds and they were eating so much of it the next day. It tasted fantastic. Never had a cake like it. It was amazing! Thank you so so much for all your help and for having it set up so beautifully it was absolutely amazing! And not a crumb to be seen within two days. The first top two sponges gone within a day and the delicious biscuit cake not long after! Getting hungry thinking about it! Thanks again, it was perfect!!!

Jamie & Helen January 22 2017

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